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Capfin PEP Loans

Capfin believe there’s a better way than the bank to receive a loan and it’s why they’ve enlisted Pep to assist with their loan services. Capfin have made it easier for you to access their loan just find your nearest Pep. Through Peps nationwide stores customers enjoy all the advantages of not having to go to a bank for a loan. From better opening hours to, shorter queues and not spending their days standing in bank queues as well as


Capfin loans from Pep and Ackermans

Capfin Loans has partnered with Pep and and Ackermans Stores to bring simple financial solutions to clients in the form of easily-accessible loans. By simply walking into any Pep Store nationwide, with a valid South African identity document, applicants may know almost immediately whether they qualify for the loan or not. By avoiding lengthy bank queues and face-to-face interviews, applicants may get to experience fast, efficient service provided by Pep Capfin Loans.