Capital Pawn – Providing Cash for Goods

Capital Pawn – Providing Cash for Goods


Have you ever needed access to instant cash but couldn’t find the right solution? Maybe you don’t meet the qualifying criteria of most lending institutions in the country. Maybe you have a bad credit record and you’re struggling to get the help you need. Fortunately help is available. Capital Pawn is a pawn-broking service designed to help individuals under such circumstances.

Tell me more about Capital Pawn’s pawn-broking service?

With this service, you are able to pawn your car or your valuables in exchange for an instant cash solution.

You let Capital Pawn keep your car or valuables as collateral until you are able to pay it back.

Once you repay the loan you get your goods back. Interest rates are low, so you are assured of an affordable rate.

Capital Pawn accepts gold, diamond and silver jewellery in any condition Electronics and leisure items such as quad bikes are also accepted as collateral. If you bring in items such as cameras or any other electronic equipment, make sure to bring the necessary power cables, instruction manuals etc, that came with the original packaging.

Loans amount are dependent on the value of the item you bring in. Capital Pawn will assess the value of the item and grant you a loan based on its terms and conditions.

The institution works with in partnership with the South African Police Services to ensure that any goods they accept are not stolen. Capital Pawn is registered with the NCR and rates are charged in accordance with guidelines set by the regulating body.

To contact Capital Pawn, simply call: 011 440 7881 or 071 221 3992

Visit them here:

594 Louis Botha Avenue




Visit their website here:


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