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What a Creditworthiness Report Includes

  As a consumer, being knowledgeable about what a creditworthiness report includes gives you the upper hand when applying for credit. A creditworthiness report is based on an assessment of


Creditworthiness- Examples of How to Maintain

  Creditworthiness reflects a person’s or entity’s ability to pay a debt back. It is a way of assessing the level of risk that an individual or business presents to a


Bankrupt? Now what? Steps to Follow when Declared Bankrupt

  In a world where credit has become a lot more accessible, the reality of keeping up with repayments and honouring credit agreements has often become an after-thought for many

Bad credit Finance

What Credit Analysts Look for

    Credit analysts are professionals who are skilled at gathering and analysing financial data, with the intention of assisting credit providers with making sound, informed financial decisions. They can


What is a Good Credit Score Rating here in South Africa?

  Credit scores are vital for modern –day consumers. They provide simple indicators of how well or poorly people have paid their debtors.  They offer good ways of assessing the


How to get a good credit score

Riley is a consumer interested in building good credit. He has to realise that the score is mainly based on his credit report, which details how he has dealt with


What Creditworthiness Means

Essence is a student without a history of any credit, effectively meaning that she is not considered creditworthy. Before she applies for any loans, lenders will look into her past.