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Why Become A Credit Risk Analyst

A credit risk analyst determines the risk of default to the bank or lender. This is because they review and assess the financial history of a person or company to determine if they’re a good candidate


Who Is South Africans Richest Politicians?

Here are just some of South Africa’s (SA’s) Richest Politicians.  President Cyril Ramaphosa   He is a politician, activist, businessman and trade union leader who served as the deputy president of SA under the president Jacob Zuma. He also holds


Which Economics System Does South Africa Use?

South Africa (SA) is a country located at the southern tip of the African continent. The government system is a republic; the chief of state and head of government is the president.  Neighboring countries include


Where Can You Get A Free Credit Score or Report?

South Africans are entitled to a free copy of their credit record every year. This is under the National Credit Act of 2007 credit bureaus are obligated to provide you with one

Bad credit

When Should One File For Bankruptcy?

If you can’t pay your bills, have credit card debt, struggle with your car payments you need to do something.  Meeting with a bankruptcy trustee is a start and may


What Will Kevin Anderson’s Ranking Be After Wimbledon?

At just 32 South African tennis star Kevin Anderson is not only on top of his game but is already on a career high ranking.  Anderson first reached the world’s top five


What Does A Commercial Credit Analyst Do?

Generally, a commercial credit analyst is responsible for assessing a loan applicant’s creditworthiness. Commercial credit analysts are typically employed by commercial and investment banks, credit card issuing institutions, credit rating agencies and investment


What Can Affect Your Credit Rate?

Since gaining credit is about paying or utilising money of which you don’t have lenders when they give you money they’ll need to know if you’ll pay it back.  And that’s what your credit score is for to


Top 10 Investment Options That Have The Best Returns

The more you invest the more your wealth will grow. As with any investment, you want the best returns at a low a risk as possible. And preferably a savings or investment vehicle


Tips On Becoming Creditworthy In South Africa

The first step in assessing your credit worthiness would be to know what your credit score is. This is because your credit score is an indication of how risky you are to