5 Ways Technology Has Changed Gaming

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Gaming


The gaming industry has changed for the better in the past 35 years to offer gamers multiple options for how to enjoy their favourite pastime. From the days of having bulky TV game consoles to sleek mobile devices that can store numerous games – it’s safe to say that the industry has completely transformed. 

Some of the ways technology has changed gaming: 

Better graphics 

Hardware upgrades have led to better graphics. Having hardware that has high speeds has enabled improved pixels and shading. Games are no longer pixelated and colours are vibrant and realistic. 

Portable games 

With everything going mobile, there is no need to tow consoles around anymore. Remember the days when you wanted to play against your childhood best friend and you had to invite them over to enjoy gaming? Now all you have to do is download games onto your smart device to play – anywhere and at any time. The consoles that are being manufactured are easier to transport. 

More 3D effects 

The look of games and their feel has changed thanks to 3D technology. The days of being limited to only four directions when playing are gone. Being immersed in a gaming world feels much more realistic. 

Online play options 

Technology has changed gaming by ensuring that there are no barriers geographically. Online societies are known to have millions of players connected. More games are played online nowadays, with some tournaments even offering thousands in prize money to winners.  

Artificial Intelligence 

One of the most dynamic technology advances is artificial intelligence, which looks set to change not just the gaming world, but other industries too. For gaming enthusiasts, AI generally means that computer-controlled players are being trained to act like humans. This means that the armed forces you are facing in your favourite war game will no longer make predictable moves, but are more likely to mimic human behaviour in such situations. Even though AI has been around from the beginning, it’s developing at a rapid pace to change gaming even further.

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