Absa Home Loan Application – Fast, Simple and Efficient

Absa Home Loan Application – Fast, Simple and Efficient


Absa Home Loans are highly competitive solutions for individuals looking to invest in property by buying a home. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life. It’s a decision that requires a lot of consideration and research.  

Before deciding to buy a home through an Absa Home Loan it’s important to know what you can afford. By using the handy calculators online you can calculate your probable repayments. The loans are offered to clients with 30 years to pay, giving them a comfortable repayment period.

The Absa Home Loans product is essentially a flexible solution that is ideal for: 

  • Purchasing a home
  • Building a home
  • Improving your existing home
  • Using your home equity to manage your debt
  • Using equity on your home to access additional funds

More about the Absa Home Loan Application:

Before applying for an Absa Home Loan you need to check if you have everything you need to apply. This includes documents such as your valid South African ID, proof of income, a copy of your building contract/ quote as well as a signed offer to purchase if you are buying a home.

  1. Your application is assessed in line with the National Credit Act.
  2. Your identity will be authenticated by Absa.
  3. Property details will be validated
  4. The application will be processed
  5. Your creditworthiness will be assessed
  6. You’ll be informed about whether your loan was approved or declined
  7. If you have been approved you’ll receive an “approved in principle” notice
  8. Once you accept the terms and conditions, the next step is a property valuation
  9. During the final grant stage your application will be finalised
  10. Registration attorneys will be instructed to register your bond
  11. You’ll be kept updated on the progress of your Absa Home Loan Application

Visit the Absa website here: www.absa.co.za


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