Absa Overdraft – Extra Funds

Absa Overdraft – Extra Funds


The cost of living keeps rising every year. Economic conditions are becoming increasingly challenging in numerous countries around the world. Most people have experienced money troubles at some point in their lives. When money runs out, people naturally think of the easiest and least stressful ways of getting finance. Being able to pay for certain costs may require extra assistance in the form of credit. An alternate way of doing this is by obtaining an overdraft facility. Offered as per pre-agreement limit, an overdraft is a useful way of getting extra funds for use when individuals’ income or savings have run out.

Absa is a bank with a long history in the South African market. As a leader in the industry, Absa has been a driving force in establishing innovative and convenient banking products and services for its clients. One of these services is the Absa Overdraft.

Absa offers this competitive overdraft facility to its clients, which assists with easing the financial burden. Available to clients with Absa Silver, Gold, Medical, Professional, or Platinum Cheque accounts, Absa Overdrafts are offered as three types of facilities.

Temporary or Bridged Overdrafts are given for a set period and must be settled in full at the end of the set period. Standard Overdrafts are given over a 12-month period, while the Reducing Balance overdraft reduces on a monthly basis, until the overdraft amount is settled. Interest on Absa Overdrafts is only charged on the amount used.

To find out how to benefit from Absa Overdrafts, clients can visit www.absa.co.za or call 0860 100 372.

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