Absa Payment Pebble

Absa Payment Pebble


The world of business has continued to be driven by technology and innovation. Payment cards have continued to be a common feature around the markets.In order to create convenience and usage ability for payment cards anywhere and anytime, Absa introduced the Payment Pebble.

The Absa Payment Pebble is a a high-tech yet easy new way to make and receive card payments, enabling small, medium and large business owners the ability to accept MasterCard and Visa debit and credit card payments through a smartphone or tablet – anytime, anywhere.The Payment Pebble is a compact, mobile device that simply plugs into the audio jack of your compatible smartphone or tablet and once set up, allows you to immediately start transacting.This can be on the side of the road, at a market or even in your customers home.

Features of the Payment Pebble include the fact it accepts chip-and-PIN and magstripe-and-PIN credit and debit MasterCard and Visa payments from your customers, it uses internet connectivity on your compatible smartphone and tablet to process transactions, it does not challenge Bluetooth pairing because it simply plugs into the audio jack of your compatible smartphone and tablet, it has extreme cardholder protection through the patented PIN entry method and it adheres to all mandated banking rules, global certifications and regulations.

Payment Pebble provides many benefits because your customers can make safe and secure payments, provides convenience to your customers through card acceptance, its affordable, easy to use and its very compatible with many of the latest smartphones and tablets.

To get the Payment Pebble, Absa can be contacted on 0860111222.

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