Advize, Global Financial Advisor

Advize, Global Financial Advisor


South Africa has continued to be home to many local and international financial players. One name that forms part of this list is Advize. Advize is an independent specialist global financial markets advisor operating in both the United States and South Africa.This business concern assists CHO’s and Treasurers to optimise their liability structure and manage the financial risks in their businesses more effectively and cost efficiently.

This assists clients to achieve four key strategic liability management objectives such as maximising their balance sheet flexibility, minimise the cost of their borrowings and the financial risk management initiatives they undertake, increase their speed of response to ever changing financial market conditions and business opportunities as well as better manage their financial risk exposures.

On an integrated basis, Advize assists clients to identify the unique determinants of their capital structure so they can set a target debt level (range) that maximizes shareholder value.Make clients fully understand the key drivers of their firm’s debt structure enabling them to, structure an appropriate priority of liabilities that most closely reflects their credit quality so they can minimize financing costs and improve capital access, achieve the best fixed/floating mix of debt to control unwanted interest rate exposures that may ultimately lead to reduced cash flows and greater earnings volatility, find the right currency mix of borrowings that results in more predictable cash flow and earnings streams as well as obtaining tax efficiencies, build a maturity profile to match their financing strategy that best balances the trade-offs between funding costs and rollover risk, identify alternative sources and types of finance across the banking and capital markets to increase the available choices that satisfy their strategic liability and risk management objectives, determine the optimal level of strategic/core cash holdings and credit lines to minimize any negative costs of carry, whilst maintaining sufficient access to liquidity. Firms are also assisted to increase debt capacity, more effectively control cash flow and earnings volatility, improve capital structure decision-making and better communicate management’s quality to shareholders.

Advizes services also include comprehensive credit rating guidance for both rated and unrated clients to underpin their chosen liability strategy which seeks to maximise both their rating and debt capacity, debt investor relations management advisory for both the banking and capital markets and capital raising advisory for clients that need to borrow money.

Advize can be contacted on 0111005030 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist.


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