Avanade, Enabling the Smarter Digital Bank

Avanade, Enabling the Smarter Digital Bank


The banking industry is currently driven to a large extent by innovation especially in the area of technology.Research statistics show that only 5% of customers say their banks provide the correct level of proactive digital banking service. Arising from this scenario, Enabling the smarter digital bank is the path to stronger customer relationships. One business striving to make a contribution in this regard is Avanade.

Avanade helps banks go digital which in the long run strengthens customer relationships and improves employee productivity and performance. By combining innovative Microsoft technologies with Accentures industry best practices in banking, Avanade helps align digital business strategies and technologies.This firms approach and capabilities help banks work smarter and keep pace with rapidly changing customer behaviour and industry regulation.

This reputable firm offers innovative banking capabilities and services including digital branch services such as self service kiosks,digital signs and more.There is also customer relationship management services offered such as contact centre, wealth management,customer analytics record and predictive analysis, digital marketing, workplace transformation and more.

All these interventions are designed to help you digitally transform your business across two key dimensions.These dimensions are digital customers and digital workplace. Digital customers is about using new technology to enable more customer centric banking services. Digital workplace is all about using new technology internally to simplify processes and boost the productivity of your employees, including facilitating greater employee collaboration across the enterprise and improving employee understanding and use of critical data.

Avanade can be contacted through various established online platforms.

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