Bathokoa Finance Services – Providing Affordable Loans

Bathokoa Finance Services – Providing Affordable Loans


The governance of credit providers is fundamental to the level of compliance with regulatory requirements. The growth of the micro lending industry is largely due to credit providers actively targeting unsecured personal loans as a business growth opportunity. The regulations outlined by the National Credit Act are designed to protect consumer rights and to ensure that lenders abide to set guidelines to enforce responsible lending and lower bad credit. The micro lending industry has grown at an accelerated rate in South Africa, following the introduction of this legislation. Many consumers are faced with challenging financial circumstances which sometimes leads to the need to search for other sources of finance. A growing number are now turning to micro lenders as their first option. A business entity which strives to provide services to consumers who fall into this category is Bathokoa Finance Services. 

Bathokoa Finance Services is a financial business enterprise with a unique micro loan structure. This structure involves a full affordability assessment, national loans register and quotations as well as NCA compliance.

Bathokoa provides loans in 3 categories: 

The first offers clients loans of up to R100 000 with an 84 month repayment period. To potentially qualify for this loan, applicants should provide an I.D, payslip and 2months’ bank statements. A second loan option gives clients up to 60 months to pay off a loan amount of between R1000 and R50 000. An I.D, payslip and 2 months’ bank statements should be submitted. The third loan offering gives clients 36 months to pay off a loan of between R1000 and R100 000. A payslip, a South African identity document and 3 months’ bank statements are needed for application.

Bathokoa Financial Services provides loan options which are structured around client needs and responsible lending policies. Interested individuals can apply online or call. Bathokoa can be contacted on: 012 771 2967.

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