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Bayport Financial Services offers financial relief.
Money talks in people’s everyday lives, whether it’s paying daily expenses or paying off a debt. Sometimes people don’t have enough money to make ends meet and need a little help. It is very hard when they are blacklisted or have a low credit rating because no money lender wants to take a chance on them. Bayport Financial Services gives such people a chance to get the finances they need, as quickly as possible.

Bayport Financial Services offers short-term and personal loans of up to R100 000 to blacklisted clients who struggle to get loans anywhere else. The interest rates are fixed so the clients know how much to repay every month without deviating from their budget. Repayment is easy and this also gives clients the convenience of being able to save money while repairing the credit worthiness.

Bayport Financial Services cares about its clients and ensures that they are well informed about all the options available to them. The personalised care for clients also ensures that they are able to make the right decisions when applying for a loan. Whether a client wants to renovate their home, further their studies or take a holiday, Bayport Financial Services is ready to assist.

In order to apply for a loan at Bayport Financial Services clients need to provide a copy of their ID, a three months bank statement and a payslip. For clients’ convenience, Bayport Financial services will deduct the repayment amount monthly from the provided account number. The amount paid monthly is made up of the initial capital, monthly, service fee and a compulsory credit life policy. The policy covers the loan in the event that the client is unable to make repayments due to death, retrenchment or permanent disability.
Clients wishing to apply for a personal loan from Bayport Financial Services can visit their easy-to-use website at On the website clients can also view other products on offer such as insurance.

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