Blacklisting Removal and Monthly Instalment Reduction

Blacklisting Removal and Monthly Instalment Reduction


If you are blacklisted you may experience a host of challenges when seeking financial assistance. There are a number of reasons that may lead to an individual becoming blacklisted. A death in the family may leave you with large costs to pay or an unexpected stay in hospital may leave you without money. Such incidents may leave you without enough money to pay off your debts – leaving you with a credit record that is adversely affected.

To be able to get a car or house, a clean credit profile is often required.

Financial discrimination is legal and is a system used by lending institutions to decide whom they want to lend to.

Having a bad credit record is recorded by the credit bureau. Credit bureaus simply reflect facts about your financial history. It must be noted however that as consumers you are entitled to fair assessment and correct scores on the credit bureaus.

Nowadays there are institutions that specialise in assisting in removing judgements, reversing debt reviews and administration orders. They can also arrange with your creditors (loans, retail shops, car instalments) to reduce to reduce your monthly premiums. This helps to increase your monthly cash availability without tarnishing your credit record. This may even help to improve your credit record.

ITC Clearance:

ITC Clearance ( is an institution that assists clients to become debt free. It provides these services:

  • Debt mediation
  • Sequestration
  • Removal of judgements
  • Removal of administration
  • Removal of debt review
  • Removal of defaults

Contact ITC Clearance by calling 051 430 8427 or by emailing

An institution such as ITC Clearance is one of many that are able to help with Blacklisting Removal and monthly instalment reduction.

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