Boodle: Giving Clients Speedy Instant Online Loan Access

Boodle: Giving Clients Speedy Instant Online Loan Access


As the first payday online loan company in South Africa, Boodle continues to offer quality fast loan application processes which save on time and admin. Payday loan access in 10 minutes.

Boodle offers new clients up to R2500 in loans and clients with a good track record can increase their Boodle profile and later qualify for up to R8000.

Using the efficient Boodle online application system, clients can decide how much they need and thereafter calculate the term of the loan. Approval is fast and may be complete in as little as 5 minutes.

Another advantage of using Boodle is that no paperwork is needed. Once a decision is made on an application, you could have funds deposited into your bank account within 10 minutes.

As a financial services entity, Boodle is the best at providing instant loans. It’s ideal for settling those unexpected mid-month expenses.

How does it work?

  • Using the widget available online, you decide how much you need and calculate the loan term.
  • You can choose any one of the official South African languages to navigate the website.
  • Have your I.D number and banking details ready.
  • You’ll need access to a valid email address.
  • There will be a credit check before approval.
  • Boodle charges based on the once-off initiation fee, the monthly service charge as well as the daily interest payment.

A further incentive offered by Boodle is the opportunity to earn R100 for every referral to other individuals to take out Boodle Loans.

Easy and convenient for you; Boodle makes the overall process manageable and most importantly, straight-forward and less time-consuming.

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