DSTV Zimbabwe- Now You Can Pay At Checkers

DSTV Zimbabwe- Now You Can Pay At Checkers


Pay TV company MultiChoice has expanded its market share in South Africa and across the African continent at a rapid pace in the past 15 years.  

DSTV is a Pay TV service owned by South African company MultiChoice. DSTV provides a broad spectrum of entertainment, news and other channels, which are subscribed to via bouquets. 

For many households, having access to DSTV provides them with more entertainment options. Various television shows have also sparked numerous trends and many stars have emerged.  

There are various factors owing to the popularity of DSTV. 

“Pay TV offers a wide array variety of programming choices like news and entertainment for a growing middle class audience, compared to ‘domestic’ terrestrial TV stations,” said Dr Musa Ndlovu, a media expert and a senior lecturer in media studies at the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Film and Media Studies. 

For subscribers in Zimbabwe, troubles with the country’s currency have made it increasingly challenging to pay their monthly subscription fees.  

MultiChoice has introduced measures to ease the strain, by partnering with Checkers, the largest supermarket retailer on the African continent, to provide convenient pay points. 

With over 2689 outlets, and growing every day, Checkers provides simple ways for individuals to pay for DSTV Zimbabwe. 

How to pay for DSTV Zimbabwe at Checkers: 

  • Checkers till points have made it simple to pay bills.  
  • Check which DSTV package you wish to pay for and record the first 10 digits of the Zimbabwe Smartcard. 
  • Visit your closest Checkers and say which package you wish to pay for in Zimbabwe and they will advise you of the amount to be paid. 
  • Pay the required amount. 

For DSTV Compact Plus, DSTV Zimbabwe subscribers can expect to pay $40 per month, while DSTV Lite costs $7 per month.

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