FinSA Loans Online – Easy Payday Loan Solutions

FinSA Loans Online – Easy Payday Loan Solutions


Facing emergencies in between pay cheques is daunting. Having to pay for costly school or tertiary fees can be equally disheartening. Fortunately there are a number of viable lending institutions which have been specially devised to provide solutions to such challenges. In the volatile South African economic climate, consumers are increasingly being forced to resort to credit finance for paying for everyday financial expenses. During these financially stressful times it’s most helpful to individuals when they are able to find a credit provider that is considerate of their financial burdens and willing to craft tailor-made solutions for them as individuals. FinSA Loans is one such financial institution. 

Offering loan options from R1000 up to R150 000, FinSA provides convenient solutions for individuals. Clients are required to repay these loan amounts within a reasonable period of 3 to 60 months. No collateral needs to be extended by the debtor for this loan.

With FinSA’s Payday Loan option, amounts are repayable in full with interest rates and loan fees on the next salary date. Approval for the loans can be within 10 minutes and loan amounts are transferred on the same day. Application is simple and convenient because it all happens online. Once it has been received it will be processed and FinSA consultants will contact you.

What’s required for application: 

A valid South African I.D.

Active bank account

Bank statements

You need to be 18 years or older

You need to be employed


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