FNB Overdraft Loan- Providing Convenient Short Term Credit

FNB Overdraft Loan- Providing Convenient Short Term Credit


The FNB Overdraft Loan is a short term credit facility that can be ideal for covering unforeseen expenses or to serve as a safety net. Many of us have faced financial challenges which have left us wondering how we’d be able to pay for financial emergencies. By having access to an FNB Overdraft Loan you can meet financial needs even when your account balance is low.

The FNB Overdraft Loan is a short term credit facility designed to assist individuals when they are facing financial challenges. It is a reserve of funds that are made available when you’ve run out of funds in your account.

To qualify, customers must have an active FNB cheque account.

What else you need to apply:

  • Provide a valid South African ID
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Provide spousal consent if married in Community of Property
  • Provide latest 3 months’ payslips

How you can benefit from an FNB Overdraft Loan:

You get to benefit from immediate availability upon approval. As soon as you’ve been approved, you can access the extra funds.

No minimum monthly repayments. You are charged for the FNB Overdraft Loan when you make use of it.

It’s a fluctuating facility, which reduces with monthly deposits.

You get a personalised interest rate based on your credit profile.

You are charged a monthly fee only if more than R200 of the facility is used.

A Debt Protection Plan is offered to assist you and your family to pay for debt in the event of your death or permanent disability.

The FNB Overdraft Loan provides financial flexibility as it allows individuals or businesses to meet their financial needs despite having run out of funds. The facility is available to both individuals and businesses.

Visit www.fnb.co.za to apply



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