How to Write a Request for Replacement of Damaged Goods Letter

How to Write a Request for Replacement of Damaged Goods Letter


As a consumer it’s important to keep in mind that you have rights in terms of returning faulty or damaged items to the manufacturer. Similarly, if you are a buying stock on credit as a business owner, you need to well-versed on returns policies and credit terms.

Writing a request for replacement of damaged goods letter can be useful if you receive a parcel that contains damaged goods. In such a case, the seller is responsible for replacing these damaged goods.

If the damaged goods or defective parts are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you, as a consumer have the right to return them immediately. It’s important to follow the return’s policy however.

When drafting the letter, you should make sure that you state that you are returning the damaged goods for full reimbursement or that the manufacturer can send replacement merchandise by a set date.

It’s important that you include as much information about the faulty goods as possible in the letter, while keeping it brief and concise. You need to state clearly the reason for writing your letter and what your expectations are. Your request for replacement of damaged goods letter should be written in a professional manner and should clarify your reasons for sending it.

Tips on how to write a request for replacement of damaged goods letter

Mention the date on which you purchased the item, as well as the cost of the item.

Specify the damage you noticed in the item. Be as specific as possible about this damage, as when as when exactly you noticed it.

State the duration of the warranty period.

Furnish copies of documents such as receipts, the warranty card etc. Provide proof of when you bought the item.

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