Kia Rio Gets A New Six-Speed Automatic Gearbox

Kia Rio Gets A New Six-Speed Automatic Gearbox


Car manufacturers continue to develop numerous cars, which offer drivers more variety in terms of the cars they can drive.  

Korean manufacturer Kia has recently released the upgraded Kia Rio, with a new six-speed automatic gearbox. This version replaces the four-speed one. It will give this model increased performance, while also resulting in a smoother driving experience. 

In addition, acceleration speed improves from 13.2 seconds to 12.9 seconds in terms of getting from 0-100km/h. Drivers of the new Kia Rio can enjoy faster speeds as well, as the car developments extend to the speeds achieved by the vehicle too. 

The maximum speed of the vehicle also increases from 166km/h to 175km/h. 

More features of the Kia Rio: 

  • Air Con 
  • Electric Windows 
  • Radio 
  • MP3 
  • Central Locking with immobiliser 
  • USB connectivity 
  • USB charging port 
  • Automatic headlight control 
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto 
  • Rain-sensing windscreen wipers 

The steering wheel-mounted remote audio controls make it easier to enjoy listening to the radio or to music without having to reach too far to control the audio. 

The Rear Park Assist System is one of the numerous features that are becoming more regular with car designs. The new six-speed automatic gearbox is one of the ways in which the car makes this process easier. Rather than having to use the clutch numerous times in order to get in and out of different gears, drivers can enjoy the process of having the car do most of the work for them. 

The 7 inch Touchscreen infotainment system has numerous features, including USB connectivity and a charging port. This is one of the popular moves being made towards the Connected Car of the future. 

Cruise Control is included – another feature that is becoming more common as cars become increasingly autonomous.

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