Portfolio Manager for R100 per Month

Portfolio Manager for R100 per Month


One of the easiest ways of ensuring that your money works for you, instead of the other way around is by investing. Having your own investment portfolio gives you various ways of maximising on your wealth.

Keep reinvesting your profits and ensure that you buy more assets, not liabilities.

When it comes to investing your money, you need to have self-discipline. It’s important to focus on your goal, which should be to increase your net worth.
You could also hire a certified financial planner to help guide you through the process.

Getting a portfolio manager can be quite costly however.

Anthea Gardner, managing partner at Cartesian Capital says:

“Typically, you would need to invest R1 million before an asset manager will handle your investment portfolio.”

How you can get a portfolio manager for R100 per month:

Cartesian Capital, according to Gardner, is “introducing this offering to clients from just R100”. Through #invest, customers get access to a managed portfolio, share capital education resources, Cartesian Capital research and a monthly market update.

It essentially offers clients a reduced cost of transacting, by giving them access to a portfolio manager for R100 per month.
To get access to this service, you first need to register on the EasyEquities platform. You’ll need to upload or email your FICA documents.
The next step will involve funding your account. You can then go to the “Invest” dropdown and click on “Baskets and Bundles”. You can then browse bundles that are available.

Investment portfolio types:
• Conservative Income – this is aimed at preserving your capital.
• Stable- this type of portfolio provides exposure to longer-dated bonds.
• Growth- this provides the stability of a bond portfolio, with exposure to blue-chip stocks.
• Aggressive Growth- this is a pure equity portfolio.

Fractional investing is a cheap and easy way to invest at lower costs.

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