Taking a Look at King Cash Loans and Finance

Taking a Look at King Cash Loans and Finance


With over 60 years of experience in the lending industry, King Cash Loans and Finance are regarded as finance experts. This institution takes convenience to another level.

Application processes are simple and there are no face-to-face interviews. This allows borrowers to save time and money.

As an authorised financial services provider, King Cash Loans and Finance promotes responsible lending practices. The institution is also fully compliant with the National Credit Act (NCA).

All personal loans include a Personal Protection Plan, which covers the debt in the event of death or permanent disability.

What does King Cash Loans and Finance have to offer?

Personal loans are offered from R2000 to R15 000. Repayment terms are flexible too, at up to 18 months to repay.

There is no security required for the loan, so applicants don’t have to worry about having to put collateral up for the loan.

King Cash Loans and Finance provides completely transparent services, so monthly statements with detailed transaction history are provided.

The loan amount for which you qualify is dependent on your individual credibility; the total loan amount and repayment term.

What is required for application?

  • A valid South African I.D.
  • An active bank account
  • You need to be permanently employed
  • Latest Payslips

Not only does King Cash offer Personal loans, but it also offers Consolidation Loans. This solution is designed to ease the burden of multiple debts by merging them into a single payment. With this option, your responsibility is to pay King Cash Loans every month and the institution pays your debts on your behalf, at lower instalments.

Getting access to a personal loan from King Cash may be useful for helping you pay for medical expenses, home renovations, wedding parties, car repairs or even costly tertiary expenses.

Contact King Cash by calling: 0800 113 637.

Visit www.kingcash.co.za

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