The Loan Link

The Loan Link


The Loan Link is a loan origination institution that provides individuals with a link to various financial service providers. The Loan Link is in tune with the experiences of ordinary South Africans. Many of us face challenges on a daily basis. Financial challenges often creep up when we least expect them and surprise us with expenses that need attention immediately. The institution has a wide array of lending partners from which it sources loan solutions for its clients.

Why choose The Loan Link?

With The Loan Link you are able to get access to loans of up to R150 000 from various lending partners. If you are blacklisted, have a bad credit record or if you are under debt review or administration you can rely on The Loan Link to get you the right loan solution for your individual needs. The Loan Link understands that unfortunate incidents can happen, which may result in one becoming blacklisted. This presents its own set of challenges for people trying to get financial assistance in the form of personal loans.

The Loan Link takes your application and submits it to different financial institutions on your behalf. They are able to negotiate with lenders who may have the ideal financial solutions for your needs. You don’t worry about having to search – The Loan Link will do it all for you.

Once you get the loan you need, you can use it for whatever you need. Use it to consolidate your debts, to pay for a wedding, for furthering your studies, paying for hospital bills, travel or even a special vacation.

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Call The Loan Link here: 076 690 6547

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