Type of Loans for Medical Procedures in South Africa

Type of Loans for Medical Procedures in South Africa


Getting surgery done can be quite expensive. Regardless of whether these procedures are elective or non-elective, some medical procedures may come with hefty fees which can leave you saddled with debt for years on end. At times medical aids do not cover certain procedures and you me be left to foot the bill. Fortunately, there are other alternatives available to get you through such challenging times. Getting cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry or even costly vision correction surgery no longer needs to be a hassle and a burden. There are a number of institutions that provide finance to cover the costs associated with surgery.


Medifin provides alternate payment solutions for patients who have had elective or non-elective surgical procedures. The institution finances surgeries from R8000 up to R100 000 and medical equipment up to R250 000. Medifin provides services for all medical doctors, dental practitioners and surgeons nationally. It also finances a variety of surgeries. Instant approval is available online here: www.medifin.co.za.

First Health Finance:

First Health Finance provides medical payment plans to patients unable to afford the upfront cost of a medical procedure, or where medical aid does not cover the entire cost of the procedure. First Health Finance provides finance for all types of medical procedures, including plastic surgery, dental procedures, hearing aids, fertility treatment, hair restoration and more.

Affordable and flexible payment plans are available. Finance is offered from R5000 to R60 000, while larger amounts are also considered. Clients are offered 6 to 36 months to repay.

Visit the First Health Finance website here: www.fhf.co.za.

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