How to Access Blacklisted Vehicle Finance

How to Access Blacklisted Vehicle Finance


Being blacklisted can be a major inconvenience. Blacklisting is a term that indicates that someone has a poor credit rating based on negative information on their credit record. It means that you’ll struggle to get access to credit when you need it, which may be a hassle if you want to buy your first car or house.

The good news is that it isn’t impossible, as there are numerous financial institutions that specialise in being able to provide finance for blacklisted individuals.

Getting to access to blacklisted vehicle finance is simpler.

Earn A Car

Earn A Car provides one of the easiest ways to own a pre-owned car. There are no credit checks and the institution doesn’t rely on your credit history to grant you loans. If you have proof of income and you can make a minimum down payment of R16 500 and you meet Earn A Car’s simple requirements, you can own a vehicle in as little as 54 months.

Great value-added services are offered and instant approval is offered.

Visit or call 080 327 6222

Blacklisted Car Finance

With Blacklisted Car Finance, there is no need for your credit history. The company recognises the importance of owning your own vehicle and provides solutions if you need to buy a vehicle.

Rent-to-own agreements don’t work off credit financing, so as long as you meet the minimum qualifying criteria, you may qualify for blacklisted vehicle finance.

Benefits offered by the company include: 

  • Affordable and achievable vehicle finance for blacklisted consumers.
  • Opportunity to take ownership of the vehicle in 4 to 6 years.
  • Cash Back Reward offered.
  • Full warranty included
  • A tracking system is included.
  • You have the option of loaning a car in the event of an accident.



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