FinSA cell phone contracts and loans for blacklisted people

FinSA cell phone contracts and loans for blacklisted people


Blacklisted people have the hardest time when applying for credit or finance. Trying to get the phone one desires or a loan but being turned down is stressful. People are able to obtain loans and cell phone contracts from FinSA even if they are blacklisted.

FinSA provides personal loans ranging from R1 000 to R150 000 and can be repaid between three and 60 months. With the money clients are able to buy a car, take a holiday, plan a wedding or even consolidate their debts. Through loans from FinSA clients will have the financial freedom they need.

All cell phones provided by FinSA are Vodacom top-up packages and clients receive a fixed amount of airtime at the beginning of every calendar month. Clients can recharge with a Vodacom recharge voucher once the airtime has run out. This gives clients complete control of their mobile expenditure without worrying about a long bill at the end of the month. Cell phone contracts run for 24 months, thereafter clients are able to upgrade to another model and will receive a handset completely free.

Clients who would like to apply for a loan or cell phone contract at FinSA must provide an ID book, latest payslip and two months bank statement. To get in touch with FinSA clients can call 031 306 0075 or e-mail Alternatively clients can visit FinSA on the website, and complete the online application form with their full details.

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