EC Finance loans – application approved in hours

EC Finance loans – application approved in hours


EC Finance loans has been providing financial assistance to blacklisted people for ten years. It is important for EC Finance’s clients to be able to repay their loan hence people’s bad credit history does not affect their application. With a variety of offers from EC Finance, clients can get loans of up to R120 000 with up to 60 months to pay. There are also cell phone contracts on offer for people who cannot get their phone of choice through normal channels.

Clients can get a response in six hours provided that their documents have been received by EC Finance. EC Finance understands that people with a bad credit history will likely be turned down by banks and other financial institutions. Responses from EC Finance are quick and they ensure the safety of their clients’ information.

To apply for a loan or cell phone contract, clients need to be permanently employed for at least two months, be between the ages of 18 and 65 and not be under debt administration or counselling. EC Finance will require clients’ latest payslip, two months bank statement reflecting at least two salary deposits and a copy of their ID.

A loan from EC Finance can help to pay for a holiday, renovate the house, consolidate debts and also pay for studies.To get a loan from EC Finance clients can apply online at Clients can take advantage of the many offers by EC Finance by also visiting the website.

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