Loan Link – Meeting all Your Loan Origination Needs

Loan Link – Meeting all Your Loan Origination Needs


Loan Link is a leading loan origination specialist company that strives to provide clients with quality services. Finding a loan is a breeze when you use Loan Link. The company provides individuals with a link to various financial service providers. 

Loan Link is in tune with the daily experiences of ordinary South Africans, loan Link understands that we all sometimes need an extra boost of cash once in a while. The rise in the cost of living hasn’t made things easier either. More South Africans are finding themselves running a bit short when financial emergencies come up.

Loan Link has a wide array of lending partners from which it sources loan solutions for its clients. These lending partners are all registered credit providers and subscribe to guidelines set by the National Credit Act. What Loan Link does is that it takes your application and submits it to different financial institutions on your behalf. Loan Link does all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to spend hours trawling internet sites to find the ideal loan solutions for your needs.

A further benefit offered by Loan Link is that blacklisted individuals are welcome to apply. Those who have bad credit and those who are under debt review or administration can also be assisted. Loan Link understands the challenges faced by individuals who are trying to access personal loans and strives to source the most ideal solutions.

By using Loan Link, you are able to get access to loans of up to R150 000.

How you use your loan is completely up to you. Whether you choose to pay for your education needs or for renovations to your home or if you use the money to pay for medical expenses, it’s up to you.

To contact Loan Link, call: 076 690 6547



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