Simple peer-to-peer solutions through the Lendico South Africa Personal Loan

Simple peer-to-peer solutions through the Lendico South Africa Personal Loan


Lendico is a leading peer-to-peer lending company that matches people looking for loans, with investors looking to provide these funds.

The benefit for borrowers is a lower loan rate. This type of solution also offers a cheaper alternative to payday loans.

This type of loan is also ideal for those who have been frustrated by the conventional risk assessment that comes with mainstream loan applications.

The application process is done entirely online, so there is no need for unnecessary paperwork.

Why choose a Lendico South Africa Personal Loan?

The final loan amount and the repayment schedule are fully customised to your individual needs.

Your interest rate will vary based on your credit history and other personal factors.

How it works:

  • Tell Lendico about yourself
  • Create a loan project
  • Tell Lendico how much money you need
  • You will receive a preliminary loan offer free of charge
  • If you are happy, you can apply for a loan
  • Your documents will be verified and your loan will be completely funded
  • You can electronically sign your quote and pre-agreement

Benefits offered by a Lendico South Africa Personal Loan:

Lendico directly connects borrowers with investors. The system bypasses the high costs of traditional banking systems. There are low rates and flexible terms.

You submit our individual loan project in a few simple steps and without unnecessary paperwork. You can apply from the comfort of your home.

You can apply for a loan that is tailored to your needs and your financial situation. Loans of up to R200 000 are offered at low costs. Once you are approved for a loan you have the freedom to use the loan for the project you had applied for.

To contact Lendico, send an email to

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