Easy Benefits from Money Cash Loans in Durban

Easy Benefits from Money Cash Loans in Durban


For many people who are in need of extra cash during financially challenging months, turning to family and friends is no longer an option. As a result, many of these people often opt for cash loan solutions. While banking institutions may offer financial solutions, many of them have stringent qualifying criteria, making it increasingly challenging for some individuals to get access to cash during times of emergency.

This has created an opportunity for micro lending institutions to enter the market and offer simple convenient solutions.

One such micro lending institution is Easy Money Cash Loans in Durban.

Tell me more about Easy Money Cash Loans in Durban?

This institution offers clients cash loans that are made easy. With an instant online application process, borrowers are afforded an opportunity to apply from the comfort of their homes or from wherever they are. There is no need to wait in lengthy queues and there are no time-consuming interviews with multiple consultants.

The institution has secured loans for blacklisted people, so individuals with impaired credit records can rest assured that they may be able to qualify for finance.

Turnaround rates are quick, so loan applicants can expect feedback within 24 hours.

Interest rates that are charged are within the limits set by the National Credit Act.

Loan amounts range from R500 to R6000 and are granted based on individual affordability. Rather than focus on your creditworthiness, Easy Money assesses your individual affordability. If you can prove that you have steady employment and you have a consistent form of income, you may qualify for a loan.

What documents you need to apply:

  • Latest 2 months’ bank statements
  • Latest payslip
  • Valid ID copy
  • Proof of residence
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