Sanlam Loans – Financial Assistance for Urgent Needs

Sanlam Loans – Financial Assistance for Urgent Needs


Getting out of a financial fix has been made easier with the rise in popularity of micro-lending institutions in South Africa. Having financial trouble has been reduced by financial institutions like Sanlam. With numerous years of experience in the financial sector, Sanlam has established itself as a leader and a trusted financial services provider. In recent years it has extended its range of products and services to include personal and consolidation loans.

These loans are available up to R100 000 at a fixed interest rate.

By getting access to a Sanlam personal loan, you will have finance that will be useful for taking care of unexpected expenses that may arise or even for paying for a long overdue holiday. Application processes no longer have to be complicated and time-consuming. Nowadays, applicants have the advantage of having access to loans at their fingertips. By simply visiting, one can gain access to funds easily.

You can simply complete the short online application form to apply. Sanlam will conduct a credit check and verify your details. Loans are awarded based on affordability and individual credit profiles.

In addition, to potentially qualify, you will need to be a South African citizen, with a valid I.D. You need to be at least 18 years of age or older, living and working in South Africa. To potentially qualify, you’ll need to be employed, earning at least R2500 per month. If you are self-employed, proof of income and clear credit references will be required. All applicants will need to provide proof of an active bank account.

Once approved, the money is deposited directly into your bank account.

If you need your debts consolidated, you can rely on Sanlam to provide you with the resources to pay all your creditors. By combining all your debt into a single payment, you may benefit from lower interest rates and your monthly instalment will be reduced- giving you some financial reprieve.

Contact Sanlam by calling 0861 08 08 88.

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