Standard Bank Loans – Transforming your Financial Landscape

Standard Bank Loans – Transforming your Financial Landscape


When applying for a loan, we often look for the quickest and easiest solutions. Standard Bank is a financial institution that specialises in providing a range of solutions to meet the financial demands of various clients. This institution’s systems are world-class and ensure that clients re given the best service. Personal Loans are one way of making your dreams a reality.

Standard Bank personal loans are available to individuals with a valid South African I.D who are between the ages of 18 and 65 years. You need to be formally employed and have an active bank account and also earn a consistent salary of R3000 or more per month.

Fixed interest rates charged on this product gives you the peace of mind knowing that your monthly repayments are consistent and remain unaffected by fluctuations in the prime interest rate. There are no penalties charged for early settlement of the loans, as Standard Bank values responsible lending. Clients are encouraged to repay consistently as well as within a reasonable period.

The application process is simple and quick. This can be done online or by visiting your nearest Standard bank branch. You can also dial *120*5626 and a friendly consultant will call you back. Once you apply and you are approved, the money is transferred directly into your bank account.

Loans taken for more than 3 months include Credit Life Insurance, which ensures that your loan is paid off in the event of your death, permanent disability or retrenchment.

Make your dreams a reality today by applying for a personal loan from Standard Bank. Renovate your home, pay for your tuition fees, or buy that car you’ve been planning to get.

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