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African Bank Vehicle Finance – Solid Deals for your Car needs

Buying a car can be a tricky process. Having the finance to get it can simplify it. Nowadays in South Africa, having a car is more of a necessity than


Sanlam Personal Loans: Providing Pragmatic Solutions to your Financial needs

Sanlam is one of the leading financial services groups in South Africa. Over the years we have developed ourselves and diversified our portfolio to include a variety of the best


Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans has been in existence in the South African financial industry since 1994. Since then it has built a good reputation and has become highly respectable. It has more


Standard Bank Loans – Transforming your Financial Landscape

When applying for a loan, we often look for the quickest and easiest solutions. Standard Bank is a financial institution that specialises in providing a range of solutions to meet


Cash Converters Loans – Cash Solutions for Challenging Times

With more than 60 stores across South Africa, Cash Converters is a leading retail group that also provides financial services through a pawn-broking system. The institution provides small-scale loans through


Savvy Options Offered by Fast SA Loans Making a Huge Difference and Beating the Rest

A large number of South Africans are in debt. The statistics unfortunately reveal that a large number of people are also struggling to pay their debts off. Fast SA Loans


Bridge Loans South Africa – Providing Flexible Cash Solutions

Established in 1994, Bridge Loans has been assisting with loan provision to ordinary South Africans through its network of more than 175 branches nationwide. Assisting clients with obtaining finance of


Focusing on Niche Markets: How the Elite Group Aims to Transform the Credit Sector

A leading credit provider in South Africa, Elite Group operates nationally, providing a number of loan options to clients. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Elite Group has


Loan Scout’s Unrivalled 2-in-1 Package Leading the Way in Loan Services Industry

Loan Scout is a financial services provider which gives excellent loan finding services to South Africans.  Thorough nationwide research ensures that Loan Scout finds the ultimate solutions for consumers.

Bad credit

Debt Review in South Africa

Debt review is an alternative method of getting out of debt. It was introduced with the National Credit Act of 2007. Debt review was essentially introduced with the best interests