Bridge Loans South Africa – Providing Flexible Cash Solutions

Bridge Loans South Africa – Providing Flexible Cash Solutions


Established in 1994, Bridge Loans has been assisting with loan provision to ordinary South Africans through its network of more than 175 branches nationwide. Assisting clients with obtaining finance of up to R15 000 in unsecured loans, Bridge Loans aims to make short term loans more accessible.

As a loan originator, Bridge Loans is an expert at assisting clients with sourcing suitable loans which are paid out by the credit providers of its choosing. The institution prides itself on operational excellence, innovative products and thought leadership. These are some of the reasons why it has facilitated easier access to accounts through mobile phones, tablets or PCs. This provides a convenient way of viewing or downloading documents and where clients can see all their transactions or top their loan up with ease.

Flexible repayment terms of 1 to 36 months are offered. These are dependent on the client’s affordability. Bridge Loans has also created a simple online application process, which gives applicants a response within minutes.  Clients can log into their account and top up at any time. Support consultants are always on hand to assist.

To qualify for Bridge Loans, applicants need to be at least 18 years old, with a valid South African I.D book. They should also submit their current stamped payslip coupled with 3 months’ bank statements reflecting their salary. In its quest to be publicly recognised as a leader in the short term landing industry, Bridge Loans lends a helping hand to blacklisted clients who may otherwise have difficulty obtaining finance. Bridge Loans also considers the potential of individuals with bad credit.

Contact Bridge Loans on: 086 111 2044 or visit

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