Cobol real easy loans online

Cobol real easy loans online


The internet has gifted millions of individuals worldwide with a vehicle for much simpler transacting options. The finance and banking industries have benefitted immensely from innovative apps and banking tools introduced to simplify the transacting experience. The advent of online loans has made obtaining finance much easier for millions of consumers. Benefits usually include high approval levels and instant responses to applications. Lenders decide whether they are willing to give individuals loans or not usually almost instantly.

Cobol is a specialist provider of short-term loans which relies on the online application process. The institution offers up to R3000 in loans to clients; while the minimum loan amount that can be borrowed is R1000.

Repayment terms are comfortable for clients (up to 6 months,) which ensures that clients are able to pay back the loan on time. Offered at 4% per annum, Cobol’s easy online loans are available to blacklisted individuals. In addition, there is no need for paperwork at the initial application. Applications can be done online at any time.

The application procedure is simple. All applicants need to do is log onto the Cobol website and fill in an application form. Cobol will then send an offer via email. Applicants can then accept or reject the offer. Once the loan is approved and the terms are accepted by the applicant, the loan amount is deposited directly into his/her account within 24 hours.

Cobol Loan applicants need to be between 18 and 65 years old, permanently employed, who earn a minimum income of R3000 per month.

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You can also call 021 421 8811

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  1. andre lewis
    andre lewis 18 September, 2015, 11:33

    hi. please see if i qualify

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