FNB Loans to Apply for

FNB Loans to Apply for


First National Bank’s Loans are designated for individuals in need of additional finance with good credit ratings who will be able to afford repayments comfortably. The range of loan solutions offered by FNB give individuals easily accessible ways of obtaining finance to solve their short term or long term solutions.

FNB Easy Loans:

R25 000 to R60 000 is offered to applicants and the amount loaned is repayable within a reasonable term of 60 months. Clients are also given the option of consolidating multiple loans.

FNB Temporary Loans:

These short-term loans include FNB ATM Loans and give clients instant access to cash. There are no application forms to fill out. Clients are required to pay the loan back in 31 days. An added benefit is that no interest is paid if the loan is paid back within this 31 day period. The initiation fee charged is dependent on the applicant’s credit profile.

FNB Overdraft:

This short-term credit facility is added to clients’ accounts for free, meaning that if you don’t use it you won’t get any charges to your account. A monthly fee is only charged if R200 or more is used. There are no minimum monthly repayments.

FNB Revolving Loans:

This facility fundamentally offers clients the option to re-borrow money that you have already paid back, provided that you have paid back at least 15% of the initial loan amount. This loan is available to personal cheque account holders. A low monthly fee of R40 is payable monthly. With a R10 000 credit limit, the loans are offered at fixed interest rates throughout the full term.

FNB Personal Loans:

Offering between R1000 and R150 000, with 60 month repayment periods, these loans offer clients a highly useful Take-a-Break facility every January.

Contact FNB on: 087 575 9404.

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