CapX Finance for Business Loans

CapX Finance for Business Loans


CapX Finance assists clients who are unable to get funding from commercial banks or other traditional financiers. And since they know how cash flow problems are created. They also know how to resolve them.

CapX Finance offers business loans to those who want to grow their business, but their cash flow is under pressure. As CapX Finance understands that cash flow is the lifeblood of every business and without a positive cash flow, it’s impossible to grow your business.

Therefore CapX Finance offers a range of financial products to growing businesses with cash flow requirements this then enables their clients to continue growing and also creates jobs in the process. CapX finance also develops unique financial solutions for their clients’ specific needs and circumstances.

All their clients are small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in a wide range of industries. These include; manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics and transport, telecommunications, agriculture, construction, engineering, tourism and many more.

And CapX Finance resolves their problems by injecting working capital into their business. As they understand that the smaller you are, the less chance you have of negotiating good credit terms with your larger suppliers or your larger clients.

The benefit of a CapX finance loan is simple documentation which you’ll understand with no small print and no hidden costs and the company does business all over South Africa. And that they understand the urgency and helping you move quickly, so that you don’t lose out on a business opportunity that’s come your way due to slow approval of a business credit application.

They also help you put together a transaction which is best for you, by taking into account factors such as cash flow, payment options, tax, accounting, law and above all business sense. We are hands-on entrepreneurs like our clients.

Note that the CapX Finance business loan is a secured one therefore as security CapX finance will accept a bond on fixed property.

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