Tyeba Investments Loans – Bryanston

Tyeba Investments Loans – Bryanston


Tyeba Investments is a business loan provider. Are you starting a new business? Do you need funds for expansion? Do you need additional funding or working capital? Tyeba Investments may have just the right solutions for your needs.

Tyeba Investments is more focused on early stage and existing businesses in Africa, Europe and Asia. They are leaders in worldwide Private equity and the Venture Capital Industry.

Starting a business is no easy feat. It takes dedication, perseverance, diligence and some form of capital. The latter is where a lot of businesses stumble. Getting access to funds to start a business isn’t always easy.

Banking institutions often have facilities available and they are usually accompanied by stringent requirements and procedures.

Tyeba Investments is a unique institution. They offer flexible finance solutions, designed to help start-ups and existing businesses meet their goals efficiently and effortlessly.

With Tyeba Investments Loans, you are able to access business finance from R3 million to a maximum of R500 million.

Use the funds to expand your business or for marketing costs. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, use the loan to start a new business venture. Whatever you decide, the choice is completely yours.

Tyeba Investments will be there to provide you with a flexible repayment system to suit your needs. This will ensure that you are able to make repayments comfortably and efficiently.

In addition to business finance, Tyeba Investments provides home loans to individuals with poor credit ratings as well as those who are blacklisted.

To find out more about Tyeba Investments Loans, call: 011 966 0000

Visit their website here: www.tyeba.co.za

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