Clientele Loans- trusted financial services provider

Clientele Loans- trusted financial services provider


Clientele Loans – trusted financial services provider
As a reputable provider of insurance and other financial services and products Clientele has had a positive impact on the South African market. An institution with extensive experience, diverse financial services and insurance products, Clientele Personal loans are offered to clients from a minimum of R3000 to a maximum of R120 000, with 18 to 60 months to repay. The diversified financial services group is also JSE listed.

Personal loans can be useful by clients who have to settle payments related to student fees, car repairs, home renovations, etc. The interest rate is fixed for the full loan term, meaning that the loan repayment does not change whenever interest rates fluctuate. The monthly instalment is always the same.

Applicants are required to be at least 18 years old or older, be South African residents, earn a permanent salary of at least R2500 per month, have a clear credit record, have a bank account into which the loan payment can be paid and from which debit orders can be deducted. The application can be done online and there are no face-to-face interviews involved. The procedure is made simpler and faster by efficient trained consultants who are willing to assist clients with loan solutions to suit their needs. The loan may be finalised within 48 hours.

The personal loan offered by Clientele is an unsecured loan, so no collateral is needed.
Clientele Loans come with a standard personal protection plan, which ensures that the outstanding loan balance is settled in the event of your death, permanent disability or if you contract a dread disease.
Contact 011 320 3000 for Clientele Services.

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