Bridge Loans: Your financial umbrella for a rainy day

Bridge Loans: Your financial umbrella for a rainy day


Sometimes people need to buy goods or come across emergencies with no financial means to meet them. Bridge Loan is the place to go when one comes into such a dilemma. With almost two decades in the business of money lending for unsecured loans, Bridge’s small and short-term loans are perfect. There is no need to wait for month end when one can get a loan approved in no time.

Bridge loans are designed to be affordable for anyone while meeting the ever changing market demands. Depending on an applicant’s income, Bridge will make an offer and also base repayment period based on the applicant’s income. A credit check and affordability assessment will be done as part of the application process.

Applicants have four unique short-term loans to choose from including AdvanceOne, AdvanceFour and AdvanceSix which have a maximum loan amount of R7 100 each and are repayable in one, four and six months respectively. AdvanceTwelve has a maximum amount of R15 000 and is repayable in 12 months.

In order to be pre-approved applicants must fax their latest payslip, copy of ID and three months bank statement no older than five days to Bridge Loans on 012 365 1691. Blacklisted people can also apply provided that they do not have more than two garnish records on their payslip.

For more offers from Bridge Loans and regular competitions, applicants can go to Alternately enquiries can be made by calling 086 111 2044 or e-mailing

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