Izwe Loans – Microfinance Specialist

Izwe Loans – Microfinance Specialist


For a long time, commercial banking institutions neglected to service the lower-income sector in the country. In recent times, an increased number of lending institutions have made it their mission to service the financial needs of this group. One of these institutions is Izwe Loans. Originally established in 2004 as a specialist microfinance company targeting the low-income market with an unsecured debit order- based term loan offering, Izwe Loans now has 24 branches nationwide. Compliant with the National Credit Regulator, the registered micro-financier offers loans from R1000 up to R50 000 with fixed monthly instalments with fixed interest rates over the term of the loan. Repayment terms are from 9 to 60 months (5 years.) 

Izwe Loans’ expertise has been extended to 150 000 customers, with over R1 billion having been disbursed to date. The existing loan types at Izwe Loans are building loans, student loans, consolidation loans and general loans.

Building loans can be used for purchasing building materials or home renovation costs. The Student loan option can be used to finance fees and the purchase of textbooks and other study material. Consolidation loans can be used to settle outstanding debts, which could potentially lower the amount of interest paid. General loans can be used to pay for car repairs or other expenses. To qualify for these loans, clients need to have a valid South African I.D or drivers’ licence. A recent payslip coupled with 2 months’ bank statements needs to be presented. The application process is convenient and personalised for individual needs. A simple verification and qualification process with minimal documentation is ensured, followed by a direct payment into qualifying individuals’ bank accounts.

Call 010 206 7400 or email Izwe Loans and a highly trained consultant will call you back.


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