Pep Stores Capfin Loans – Convenient, Easy Access

Pep Stores Capfin Loans – Convenient, Easy Access


Pep Stores is a widely successful retail outlet in South Africa. The store has been providing South African consumers with affordable products and services for years. An entity that values customer satisfaction, Pep has created avenues for providing more for clients. There are numerous branches available to consumers nationwide. Capfin is a registered credit provider that has partnered with this leading retailer in order to provide personal loans of up to R20 000. With Pep Capfin Loans, applicants are afforded the opportunity to avoid having to endure long queues at the bank. They are able to apply directly at any Pep store.

The loans come with fixed interest rates- which equals to a guaranteed stable repayment amount every month, as this amount remains unaffected by fluctuations in interest rates. Applicants are spared the chore of having to deal with unnecessary paperwork such as payslips, bank statements etc, when applying for Pep Capfin loans.

All they need to do is walk into any Pep Store across South Africa and present their I.D. and a phone number on which they are accessible. Their I.D. will be scanned at the till and prospective clients will be notified of the decision within 15 minutes by SMS.

If an applicant qualifies, a friendly Capfin consultant will call back to get more details about the amount the client needs to borrow, their employment details and bank details. An affordability assessment will be conducted. Once approved and he/she agrees with the repayment terms, the money is deposited directly into the client’ account. They can then use it on whatever they want.


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