Nedbank Home Loans – Easy Access to Your Dream Home

Nedbank Home Loans – Easy Access to Your Dream Home


Nedbank Home Loans are quality solutions designed to give you easy access to your dream home. The bank offers flexible home loan solutions at competitive interest rates. Tailored to suit your individual needs Nedbank Home Loans interest rates depend on your credit profile, the value of the loan and the loan period. 

Types of Nedbank Home Loans: 

Ordinary Home Loans 

Home Vision, which allows you to register a bond larger than the required loan amount, creating a surplus amount that can be accessed later.

Building Loan

NedRevolve, which allows you to accumulate a cash surplus by depositing extra funds into your account on a monthly basis.

There are various kinds of property ownership, such as Sectional title and Freehold title.  Before you apply for Nedbank Home Loans, keep in mind the fact that your credit health is important. What Nedbank is likely to look for are the four C’s:

  • Character
  • Capital
  • Capacity
  • Collateral

Budgetary considerations you need to make include bond initiation fees, processing costs, transfer costs, home loan repayments, homeowners insurance, loan protection assurance, water and electricity, as well as a levy in the case of Sectional title purchases.

How to apply for Nedbank Home Loans:

You can apply online by visiting or by visiting your local branch. Nedbank can also arrange for sales consultants to visit you wherever you are or you can simply call the contact centre.

You can then apply and get bond approval. Nedbank will evaluate your dream home and approve your loan.  Bond registration will be the next step. Once all the paperwork is completed, you’ll be a home owner.

You’ll then be responsible for making monthly payments. You can use self-service banking to manage your payments and Nedbank will send you eStatements.

For more information about Nedbank Home Loans, call: 0860 555 111


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