Pep Capfin Loans

Pep Capfin Loans


Financial institution Capfin has partnered with Pep to create a convenient personal loan solution called Pep Capfin Loans.

These loans are hassle-free and are made available through more than 1400 Pep branches all over South Africa.

How do you apply for Pep Capfin Loans?

Simply head to any Pep and get your valid South African I.D. scanned at the till.

You will need to provide your employment details, proof of income and your valid banking details.

The process is confidential. An SMS will be sent to you to notify you of the outcome of your application.

An affordability assessment will be conducted. If you qualify, a loan offer will be made by Capfin consultants.

A National Credit Act-compliant pre-agreement will then be drafted and thereafter a contract will be drawn up.

How much can you get from Pep Capfin Loans?

You can get access to loans of up to R20 000. Repayment periods are between 6 and 12 months.

By qualifying for a Pep Capfin Loan you are able to access finance to help you meet your most urgent financial needs. You can use the loan to pay for medical expenses, home renovation costs, tertiary education costs or to even put down a deposit on that car you’ve had your eye on.

With easy access and a convenient application process, Pep Capfin Loans are ideal for your financial needs.

Why choose Pep Capfin Loans?

  • There are no long bank queues
  • There is no other paperwork to fill in
  • The process is readily available
  • You can expect a response within 5 minutes
  • Customers have given Pep Capfin Loans a 97% approval rating
  • Capfin is a registered financial services provider, so loans are granted to individuals who are able to afford to make repayments comfortably.

Contact Capfin by calling: 087 354 0000

Visit the Capfin website here:


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