Eezy Loans Pretoria

Eezy Loans Pretoria


Eezy Loans is a lending institution that strives to ease the financial burden on the lives of individuals in need of extra help. With over 20 years’ experience in the South African financial industry, this Pretoria-based institution offers clients quality, tailor-made financial packages. The institution continues to provide loan services underpinned by excellence and simple solutions.

Personal loans of up to R150 000 are offered and approval is dependent on individual affordability.

In addition, debt counselling is offered by way of debt consolidation loans. These loans are a debt management system designed to help individuals get out of debt. Through this system, multiple debts are merged into a single payment with lower interest rates.

Eezy Loans encourages responsible lending and helps clients to manage their finances properly. The institution does not burden clients by allowing them to over-commit themselves.

Personal loans are only extended to individuals who are able to afford repayments.

Blacklisted individuals are welcome to apply. Eezy Loans understands the challenges faced when trying to get a personal loan as a blacklisted individual. The institution strives to make access to finance easy for these individuals, and to give them a chance to improve their credit rating.

Loan Packages:

R8000 – 6 months to pay

R15 000- 12 months to pay

R150 000- extended loan term

Loans are provided in an efficient manner. Application processes are simple and fast as there are no lengthy interviews.

Contact Eezy Loans by calling: 071 185 2645 or 076 508 6206. Send them an email here:

Visit their website here:

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