Morkels Loans

Morkels Loans


JD Financial Services provides you with an opportunity to apply for a Personal Loan of up R25,000 for all your needs; whether you are renovating your home, going on holiday or paying for school fees. It’s up to you and best of all loans are payable within 24 months.

Simply visit any their partner furniture stores nationwide – Barnetts, Bradlows, Electric Express, Joshua Doore, Price ‘n Pride, Russells or Morkels. In addition to applying for personal loans, you have the opportunity to apply for Lifestyle finance too finance your furniture and electronic goods at over 1,000 Stores nationwide.

However, these loans need not just be used for necessities, but can also be used to pay for some luxuries like covering the expense of a vacation or funding the renovation of your home like buying furniture etc. The tenure and principal amount is flexible depending on the need of the person and his budget.

How to qualify for Morkels loans:

  • You have to be permanently employed
  • You need proof of identity
  • You need to provide proof of permanent employment
  • You need to provide your latest payslip showing earnings of at least R2000 per month
  • You need to provide your latest 3 months’ bank statements
  • Proof of Credit Life insurance in your name

If self-employed, bring the following:

  • 3 months personal bank statements
  • 6 months business bank statements
  • Income tax certificate from accountant
  • CC registration number
  • Proof of Credit Life insurance in your name*

JDFS offers loans to employed South Africans of legal age. There is no restriction on the use of loan, for example a debtor can use it for paying off his medical bills as well as cover his tuition expense for himself or his children. This is a great benefit to have if you are in need of a long term loan.

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