Global Finance offers blacklisted people loans

Global Finance offers blacklisted people loans


Being blacklisted has extreme consequences where people find themselves in difficult financial positions. Borrowing money from a bank is almost non-existent because of a harsh legislative framework that allows financial institutions to blacklist people who default on payments. This gives people a bad record and makes it almost impossible for them to get credit anywhere.

Global Finance loans

Global Financial Services is a Cape Town based institution with almost 15 years of money lending experience. They have dedicated themselves to helping many South Africans who are blacklisted by offering them loans of up to R100 000. Repayments can be made in a period of up to 60 months with interest rates guided by the National Credit Regulator.

People needing to consolidate their debt, start a business or pay for studies but have no financial means to do so, have no need to worry because Global Financial Services will help them. The money can also be used to take a family holiday, plan a wedding, buy a car or renovate the house. Global Financial lends people the money, no questions asked, what the client does with the money is up to them.

People have to be older than 20 years, have a monthly income of R1 500, be permanently employed and have a valid South African bank account in order to apply for a loan at Global Financial Services. They will also need to show proof of income and residence, three months bank statement and a copy of their ID. Clients should not be under debt counselling or administration.
Clients can obtain an obligation free quote online at or by calling Global Financial Services on 022 715 3339.

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