Woolworths credit cards

Woolworths credit cards


Possessing a credit card which gives you the clout to perform transactions any time of the day is of much importance as it serves much of your time and benefits such as earning points. This is what you get when you own a credit card from Woolworths – a company with more than 800 retail stores around the world.

With this giant retail store, customers get more when they swipe; as such clients are offered silver, gold and black credit cards.

These credit cards allow customers to withdraw cash any time they need it; clients get rewards in form of WVouchers when they make purchases at Woolworths or buy fuel. Those clients who make big purchases are advised to use this facility taking into account that it allows them to choose a repayment period of up to 60 months.

At Woolworths, customers can save through the WRewards programme thereby getting exclusive special lower prices where they can always earn points. Clients who have the silver and gold cards can get up to eight additional cards for their family at no cost. The benefit of owning Woolworths is that the firm covers clients against fraudulent use of both primary and secondary cards.

It is up to the client to opt for monthly electronic statements; basic travel allowances are automatically included in all these credit cards of clients who are under 75 years of age who acquire international air tickets. Apart from that, the gold and black credit cards provide clients and their immediate families with medical and legal assistance. The gigantic store also offers a Balance Protection Plan for a client’s peace of mind.

You should meet the following requirements if you want to qualify for a Woolworth’s credit card:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Must have a green coded ID document and proof of residence when collecting the credit card
  • You must be earning a monthly income of at least R200 or more to qualify for a silver credit card, R10 000 for a gold credit card and R41 666 for a black credit card

Holders of Black and gold credit cards will get the following benefits:

  • Free coffee or tea at a Woolworths Café
  • Free online delivery when shopping on the Woolwoeths website and shop anywhere at the29 million merchants where they see a Visa sign

For more information regarding Woolworths credit cards, existing and potential customers should call 0861 25 22 51, fax 0861 50 20 06, send an email to Woolworths@wfs.co.za or alternatively visit the retail’s website on www.woolworths.co.za.

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