Investec property finance

Investec property finance


South Africa is Africa’s most industrialised economy.The property market forms a big part of this vibrant economy.Economic research has shown that to have a good property market, you need a good economy. Both are heavily sentimental and confidence driven. With the challenges that the local economy has faced,it is not surprising that the local property market has also been impacted. Affordability therefore becomes a key theme for this market and especially clients. One institution which has stepped in to provide convenience and affordability is Investec.

Investec property finance has been designed to cater for any interests you may have to invest in commercial and residential property, which may include building or buying a home. With regards to commercial property finance, whether you need finance for existing buildings,developments or refurbishments,this finance solution offers access to surplus funds,flexible payment plans as well as fixed interest rate including the ability to link to prime. Residential property finance has online access which means that you can reduce your monthly installments, access any unused portion of your facility for an initial period of 364 days and you can pay beneficiaries from your home loan.

Through property investment banking, the property investment services covers debt restructuring, facilitation of deals including innovative and non-traditional transactions, advice in portfolio acquisition, greenfields developments and infrastructure funding,strategic partnerships between developers and investors,access to international property markets as well as access to other Investec private bank products such as the Investec Private Business Account and Cash Investments for privately owned businesses.

To access any of these products, Capitec can be contacted on 0860110161.

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