How Charities can Engage with Long Term Donors

How Charities can Engage with Long Term Donors


Raising awareness about a charity cause is not always easy. Getting a break-through by getting donations is always encouraging. The challenge for many organisations lies in keeping donors of short-term gifts and extending their philanthropic journey into a long term solution.Factors that may influence this decision include having good initial interactions with a charitable organisation and public perception.

Be proactive:

Be willing to form relationships with companies, who may include your charity into their CSI programmes. Don’t wait for people to find you, but rather inform business owners to use their skills to contribute towards your charity organisation.

Match your charity’s donors’ interests and talents with rewards they seek:

Find the best ways to maximise on the skills or interests of your charity’s donors.

Give donors and volunteers a chance to engage with staff:

Promote engagement between sponsors and the individuals running your organisation. To many people, it’s important to be able to gain a better understanding of how the organisation runs. This may influence their perceptions, resulting in them being willing to donate more funds.

Give your donors and volunteers a thorough explanation of the reason for the existence of your organisation:

Take the time to give your supporters better insight into why the organisation was founded and how it makes a difference. Make them see the bigger picture.

Understand that being a philanthropist does not happen over-night:

Consider that donors and volunteers have their own lives that they are immersed in and they may have other commitments. They may not always be able to make donations. Always be ready to re-connect with them when they are ready.

Long-term giving may offer better solutions and requires patience and dedication to nurture relationships formed. It’s always advisable to be able to adapt to changes within the landscape and accommodate other considerations when it comes to your organisation’s supporters.

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