Tips on How to Protect your Business Against Data Breaches

Tips on How to Protect your Business Against Data Breaches


Data breach can be described as the intentional or unintentional release of secure information to an untrusted environment.This can also be defined as a security incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorised to do so. Other terms for this retrogressive act includes unintentional information disclosure, data leak as well as data spill. With more and more individuals and businesses using the internet to do business or carry out other activities, data breaching has reached record heights with no stop sign in sight. Below are some tips on how to protect your business against data breaches.

Comply with Payment Card Industry Security Standards – Its your responsibility to protect data at the point of sale as it flows into the payments system.This includes card readers,point of sale systems, store networks, wireless access routers, payment card data storage and transmission and payment card data stored on paper.

Limit employee access to sensitive data – In 2013, 35% of breaches were the result of human factors, negligent employees or contractors. It is therefore important to ensure that employees are trustworthy, well trained and only have access to the information that is absolutely needed to perform their job function.

Scrub files and shred documents – A deleted file could still be recovered by a hacker just as easily as an intact document could be pilfered from your trash bin. Ensure that you regularly and fully destroy all customer information that is no longer needed.

Protect hardware and software – Ensure that all your passwords protect all of your equipment. Install and maintain a firewall, employ antivirus software, regularly download security patches and use strong encryption and authentication solutions.

The measures listed above if well implemented can save you from data breaches.

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